MOV Restaurant Week is back!

Mid-Ohio Valley Restaurant Week is a week-long promotion, from Monday, Feb 24th through Saturday, February 29th during which participating local restaurants offer 3-Course Dinners for $30 per person, a great way to enjoy dining out while supporting small business and the hospitality industry!

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2020 MOV Restaurant Week Menu

Want to print out a copy for yourself? Download this printable PDF.

2020 MOV Restaurant Week Guides


Q: Can I order off of the regular menu during MOV Restaurant Week?
A: Absolutely. Restaurants will be running their usual menus, but the high volume of RW orders allows them to streamline activities in the kitchen and prep ahead, almost like preparing for a banquet. If it’s just too much food for someone in your party, they can order from the regular menu! But there’s nothing wrong with a little take-home bag of leftovers, either.

Q: Is a tip included in my $30 meal?
A: The $30 price for a 3-Course Dinner during #movrestweek does NOT include the tip for your server. Please keep in mind that this promotion is as much a celebration of the local service industry as it is about great food. The Winter months can be a crummy time in the restaurant business, so if you get great service, please reward your server!

Q: Why are reservations important during MOVRestWeek?
A: Not only does a reservation hold your table during what can become a very busy week for restaurants, your reservation also helps the restaurant plan to have the right amount of staff and food on hand for the event. Yes, your cell phone is capable of doing more than just texting and snapping pics of your dinner!

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